A great project

This is the result by an aerial view. 1000 programs of The CLUB. The owner of this field, very satistied about this artistic experience. Aquest és el resultat. L’amo del tros està molt satisfet de l’experiència artística realitzada. Anuncios

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Giuseppe Archimboldo was a very interesting painter of the XVI Century. The faces he painted are full of vegetables. To homage him I have done one of my artistic experiences with wheat roots with this face that Giuseppe called : WINTER Giuseppe Archimboldo va ser un pintor molt interessant del segle XVI. Pintava les cares […]


A claim for nature

The administration of many mexican beaches are undertaking programs to protect their wildlife. In Oaxaca the turtle eggs are collected and placed in protected areas, and later, taken back to the original beach and released. In order to feel somehow integrated with this entire issue, I was inspired to make two turtles in the sand […]

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Time, nature, life

Utilizing the flowers, I made this yellow circle. Aprofitant les flors tallades, he fet aquest cercle envoltant la vella estructura.  A new decoration of my eyewitness. In this composition life seems to be reborn, full of yellow colour. Old stems covered by new flowers Una nova decoració del meu testimoni. En aquesta composició sembla que […]

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Life is a way. I made a way today at Ragull Avenue in Ripoll with this rake, and after this I walked on it. HOMAGE TO BEPPO: A personage that appears in MOMO by Michael Ende. Beppo cleaning streets all day,little by little, with patience.When he looks back, he has cleaned vast streets. Momo / […]

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