Art Gallery on the river

Imagine a great piece of paper you can draw and you can walk on it. Well, in this case there is not a paper, but an enormous ice surface, with several art compositions, made with different materials found in nature. There is the result, after some days enjoying myself in winter near the places I love.

I have been walking over Ter river this week. An amazing experience presenting my land art works, made by stems and all sort of branches, over the water surface. These constructions will remain into the river, so nature returns to nature.
Ripoll, 27 -1- 2011

He caminat aquesta setmana damunt el riu Ter, completament glaçat aquests darrers dies de gener del 2011, a Ripoll. Construccions de Land art a base de tiges i tota mena de branques, s’enlairen cap al cel, reposant damunt la superfície gelada del aigua, on romandran fins que el corrent del riu se les emporti. La natura torna a la natura.


These are other shapes made with paper (papier maché), are also in the midle of the river. These ones will come back home.If you were here, you could walk with me visiting my open air art gallery.
Ripoll, 27 -1- 2011.

Uns volums de pasta de paper presentats damunt del riu glaçat, que han estat retirats després de la sessió fotogràfica. Una galería d’art improvisada al aire lliure.


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